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A Day Trip to Mims

During the heat of May, my daughters and I braved a hot trip outdoors with some friends. We took a day trip to Mims, along the east coast off of I-95. There are a couple of attractions in the area, that are ONLY available in the spring (April/May), so we jumped on the opportunity to try something different! We visited the sunflower maze and we went blueberry picking.

The first spot we hit was Sled’s U Pick Sunflower Maze. While I little pricier than I would have liked ($5 a person), the maze was indeed beautiful and great for photography. It would be a great learning opportunity about bees and pollination as well.

The maze takes about 30 min to an hour, and the location is no frills, so bring your own snacks, water, and sunscreen!

The second spot we check out was EverAfter Farms Blueberry picking (only about 5-10 min away).

This place was so cute! It has a tractor ride and a petting farm, as well as TONS of blueberries you can pick yourself!

The best part is they let you eat all the blueberries you can while picking, AND the blueberries themselves are only $5 a pound! A pound is a ton of blueberries, much more than you get in a tiny container at the store.

We really enjoyed this place and plan to come again next year! Please feel free to click the links to find the farms websites, and below are the addresses for the locations 🙂

Sled’s U Pick Sunflower Maze, Burkholm Road and Dixie Way, Mims, Fl

EverAfter Farms, 4400 Bouganvilla Drive, Mims, Fl 32754


Wild Florida Gator Park!

If you are like me, and like the zoo experience but prefer a quieter, less crowded setting, than Wild Florida is your place. We like to visit during gator week in May, when admission is free!

This park is set up like a zoo or a wildlife refuge. They have tons of local Florida wildlife as well as animals from around the world. (This is the only place I’ve ever seen a zedonk or a zorse.)

Among out favorite activities are feeding a white tailed deer little pieces of corn, getting up close to peacocks and peahens, talking to the friendly Macaw, and visiting the bird aviary- where we held a bird!

They also have a gator shows, one where a person does a variety of tricks with a huge alligator, and one where they feed the gators and crocodiles. There are restrooms, refreshments, and a playground.

And of course air boat rides (but those come at a price of course).The whole park takes about 2 hours to walk through and my children and myself really enjoy ourselves every time.


Rockledge Gardens

Rockledge Gardens is huge nursery located in Brevard County. Our family enjoys visiting the gardens on the weekends when we have the time. The sell all types of plants and they have a farmers market and other events. This is a great place to take the kids to just walk around or to purchase your own items for your garden.

At the gardens, you can enjoy all the usual expectations from a nursery and beyond. There is an excellent selection of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees, pots, garden decor and more! The farmer’s market, located inside one of their buildings, is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The garden staff is extremely knowledgeable in helping you get your plants growing. They have fertilizer and other nutrients on site, as well as a displayed list (pictured above) of what is currently in season to grow. The prices on all the plants are really reasonable.

There is a small play structure and slide for the kids too! Plus mine really enjoy running around in the field area of the gardens and going through the butterfly garden when they have butterflies (pictured below).

Check their website for updates and for free events. We have gone to a few at the garden where they have the HUGE fire pit going during the winter months (very few times you can use that in Florida!)

I hope you have a chance to visit this amazing gardens as well! Have a comment? Leave it below!

Deer Park Peaches

Today we went back to our local, not too far from home peach picking spot. This was our second time here and I really enjoyed the experience (and so did my kids!).

It is a local family orchard, tucked back on a dirt road off of route 192 in Osceola county. The family opens their farm during April & May of every year for people to pick peaches for $3/lb.

The peaches are very fresh and tasty. Florida peaches are smaller than the ones in the store, so expect to see a different size than you are used to. The farm has buckets for gathering. When you check out they have local honey to purchase along with other goodies and drinks. My family spent our Easter Sunday here and enjoyed the beautiful Florida weather we are having before summer hits us.

*Deer Park Peaches 6900 Kemper Rd, St. cloud Fl

*Restrooms on site
*Check their Facebook for updates on hours.


Let’s face it, traveling is expensive! If you are a family like ours, we are looking to give ourselves and our children fun experiences without breaking the budget.

So, as a native Floridian myself, I started gathering a list of activities that cost $10 or less. Whether you are from Florida and looking for a short day trip, or you are here for the sunshine, or to visit your grandparents, I hope you will find this site helpful. Experience much of what Florida has to offer without emptying your bank account.

Enjoy! Check out the menu to the left for our favorite activities with maps of locations. View and follow our blog below for more detailed posts and photos on select spots! And please bear with us as we add new locations each week!