Hiking at O’Leno State Park

hiking at o'leno state park

For a secluded hiking experience in the North/Central Florida area, a good choice is to go hiking at O’Leno State Park. For an entrance fee of just $5, you can take a walk adjacent a flowing spring river. Into biking? There are some off-road trails here as well as a longer paved trail by the entrance.

Although the famous bridge at the park is currently (and has been) closed, you can still see the viewpoints and walk almost the whole loop around the Santa Fe River, which ends up being around a 3 mile hike. The park and trail are dog friendly if you choose to take your pup for a walk alongside the water with you. Afterwards, take a dip in the spring if you wish! The water there is a little murky, but it flows consistently and is clean.


If you like to bike, they do offer several mountain biking trails from the main day-use area of the park. For road-biking, you’ll want to park closer to the entrance, and ride the O’Leno to Ichetucknee Trail. This trail runs about 12 miles and connects the two parks. It’s a rural area, so you can expect the trail to be empty most days, especially during the week.

O’Leno State Park also serves as a great jump point to some of the nearby springs in the summer. If you choose to spend the night, they have a small campground located within the park. In a quick drive of about 20 minutes, you can easily reach Ichetucknee Springs, a popular tubing area. The park is even closer to Gilcrest Blue Springs State Park and Poe Springs Park. (View our comprehensive list of local springs here.)

Before leaving town, make sure to drive through the quaint town of High Springs and stop at the iconic, retro Pink Flamingo Diner, one of the best restaurants in town! Looking for more? Check out our page on free bike trails in Florida for more biking opportunities.

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