Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park

Looking for a fun inlet in Florida to swim or to paddle? Check out Ft. Piece Inlet State Park! This park is home to a jetty, a few miles of beaches, and tons of paddling trails.

fun inlet in florida
Beach side of the inlet

When arriving at the Ft. Pierce inlet, you’ll have a choice of a few things to do with your friends and family. After paying the $6 fee per vehicle to get in (unless you have a Florida State parks pass), you will have a choice of turning left or right.

Atlantic Ocean

Turning left will take you to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean (pictured above)- where you can surf or hang out at the beach. This area has a rock jetty that goes fairly far out. The rocks line the channel that goes into the inlet. Along this rock jetty is a great spot for fishing or for snorkeling if the visibility is good.

If you dive, you can also swim out about 100 yard to the reef offshore. Be sure to follow all the local regulations for diving, such as having a dive flag with you, having at least 2 people, and not disturbing the reef while you are diving.

fun inlet in florida
channel side of the inlet


If when entering the park you hang a right, you can check out the beach along the channel. You can also launch a boat, kayak, or paddle board from this side. There are some paddling trails tucked back into the park where you can weave through the mangroves.

Whether you’re with your family, friends, or alone, we hope you’ll spend at least a few hours at this fun inlet in Florida! For more to do in the area, visit our page on Ft. Pierce! If you are looking for more opportunities to snorkel, visit our section on snorkeling locations in Florida.

Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park – North Jetty Oceanside

905 Shorewinds Dr, Fort Pierce, FL 34949

Ft. Piece, FL


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