Beach at Rotary Park – Suntree

Rotary Park in Suntree is a small park with direct access to the Indian River Lagoon. It is a popular place to spend an afternoon or a whole day for a picnic and a swim. This is one of the better beaches for kids in Melbourne (although it’s not on the ocean!)

To the right side of the park, there is easy access to the river and a long but skinny strip of beach. You will find several pavilions with great views of the river as well. If the pavilions are open, you can use one. They are also available to rent through the county.

The beach area here is shallow and calm. It is a popular spots for families with young kids to come and bring a float and relax in the river. The water here is shallow enough for kids to wade in and look for critters. You could also easily launch a kayak from any area here.

beaches for kids in melbourne

Heading towards the north side of the park, you’ll pass the parking lot and the playground. Currently (Summer of 2022) the county is re-doing the playground so it is closed. Hopefully it will be open in time for the kids to use it in the fall. Past the playground is a large shaded pavilion with a dock for fishing.

The dock has a shaded pavilion at the end. It is a quiet place to fish during the week as there isn’t much foot traffic here on the weekdays.

Under the main pavilion, there are restrooms and picnic tables for use. There are also a few small access points to the river along on every side. Hope you and your family will check out one of the best beaches for kids in Melbourne, FL. For more to do in the area, visit our page on free things to do in Melbourne.

beaches for kids in melbourne

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