Lehigh Greenway Rail Trail

north florida rail trail

The Lehigh Greenway is a north Florida rail trail that stretches for 8 miles. The trail is paved for multi-use which includes bikers, walkers, scooters, and more. The trail runs along the Lehigh canal in a mostly wooded area. What is unique about this particular trail, is that it branches into other trails in Palm Coast, allowing you to bike all around their town center if you wish to take a very long ride. Palm coast has an extensive trail system, with something for every cyclist! And all free! You can check out the basics of the trail network, by viewing the map on their website here.

When we visited the Lehigh rail trail, we chose stick to the mail path, not branching out to the town center. So we parked about halfway down the trail, close to the highway. Unexpectedly, we parked our car at a lot that connected to an unpaved trail around a lake. Seeing as we have mountain bikes, we opted to check out this loop beforehand. It has a couple of small hills and was an enjoyable warm up to riding the paved trail.

Some views from the unpaved trail are shown here. The loop we took was short, a mile or less, and then we ventured over to do part of the 8 mile Lehigh rail trail. This particular rail to trail is very wide, we passed multiple people on bikes and some on mobility scooters, walking, etc. It wasn’t very crowded, despite being the weekend.


I would recommend parking where we did (shown as a point on the map below). This was a dirt parking lot across the canal from the Lehigh trail. This way, you can ride both trails. We headed east, but if you head west, You could hit the connecting trail that will take you into town. I can’t speak to how far that ride would be though!

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