Sebastian Inlet State Park & Campground

sebastian inlet state park
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Sebastian Inlet State Park is a favorite among fisherman, surfers, tourists, locals, and beachgoers. It has much to offer. There is an $8 entry fee per car – $4 if you are a single car rider- but if you plan on being there for the day, it is worth it. The inlet has two entrances.

Main Entrance

The main entrance will take you to the tidal pool, fishing area, or beach for surfing. The tidal pool is a huge area of shallow water that is fun for adults and kids. Often dolphins or manatees can be seen in the tide pool as well! Along the side of the pool, there are rocks to climb. The tide pool has a decent beach area with picnic tables as well. (See video below for a 360 of the tide pool).

To the right of the tidal pool, is a long string of rocks. Along the rocks and beyond, there are several spots for fishing. Need bait? There is a store located at the inlet as well as a restaurant.

At the main entrance, the beach section has excellent surf during the winter and spring seasons – just park in the paved parking lot and walk past the restaurant to the beach access.

View our 360 video tour of the tidal pool area. The beach by the tidal pool has plenty of room to set up a tent or picnic on the beach. On the far side of the beach is a string of rocks to stand on and fish. These rocks separate the tidal pool from the rest of the inlet. During the weekends, the inlet is PACKED so get there early or visit during the week. They are open 24 hours.

Boat Ramp & Campground Entrance

The secondary entrance – located on the south side of the bridge – takes you to the campground and boat ramp. To camp here, book your reservations early – the inlet is always booked! It is a beautiful spot to camp with easy access to fishing and kayaking. To launch here if you aren’t camping, there is a $4 fee for the boat ramp.

This side of the inlet is much quieter. It has a few tiny beach areas to stand and fish from, as well as a large collection of small rocks. My kids LOVE climbing the rocks and looking for tiny crabs. While here we spotted up close a stingray, starfish, manatee, dolphins, and an abundance of birds.

When you pay your entrance fee, you have access to BOTH sides of the inlet! Be sure to leave yourself time to check out all that the inlet has to offer.

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