Obloy Family Ranch (Now Romelia Farms)

Looking for a great trip to a family farm? This past Friday, we took our first trip to a local farm here on the East Coast. We love visiting new places! The farm was running a May special for $5 a person to visit their petting zoo, so we jumped on this opportunity! At the time, it was owned by the Obloy family, it has since been taken over by the Romelia family, and we can’t wait to make a second visit to see what the new owners have done with the place!

The day started out with a couple pony rides ($5 a kid… but we splurged). At the front office, there is a store inside where you purchase your tickets, gifts, and food for the animals. We purchased a ticket for a hayride and petting zoo tour. Their May special was $5 a person.

Outside the office, there is a neat playground made of tires for the kids to use! They also have a restaurant with a full menu of food. There were plenty of chickens and an iguana for the kids to look at while we waited for the hayride that would take us back to the petting zoo area. Bonus… my kids each got to hold one of these cute baby chicks!!

Farm Tour

We boarded the hayride pulled by a tractor, and a guide took us back to the petting zoo section of the farms. We also had bought some feed for the animals ($5-10), so that the kids could get the full experience.

The hayride took us back for a tour of the petting zoo. There were so many unique animals! We fed a camel…

We saw a kangaroo, a fox, baby zebra, minx, groundhogs, porcupines, and of course all the farm animals! My younger daughter even held a baby goat! We also had the pleasure of being greeted by this huge Emu bird, who ate right out of our food bag!

They had goats, ducks, donkeys, and a peacock at the family farm as well. After the tour, which took about an hour, the hayride took us back to the main office area where we bought drinks and relaxed and pet some horses.

It was a great day at the farm! Here is the information about the place if you want to check it out!

Romelia Farms
Website: https://www.obloyfamilyranch.com/
Phone: (321) 848-2486

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