Month: May 2019

The BEST farm to visit in Florida

Call me a little biased, but my favorite all time farm to visit in Florida is La Porte Farms in my hometown of Sebastian, FL.

This sweet farm is donation based and the owner has graciously opened her well-kept home and farm to the public.

Among the animals there you will find goats, horses, ponies, chickens, birds, a fish pond, tortoises, a monkey, and a zebra! Our favorites are feeding the goats and the zebra.

We also love the bird aviary where you can walk through and look at the birds and coy fish.

Pony rides are $5 and there is critter food available for $1.

You can spend 30 min or a few hours here. It’s beautifully well kept. The staff are amazing. Please visit this farm!!

La Porte Farms

7700 129th Street

Sebastian, FL 32958

A Day Trip to Mims

During the heat of May, my daughters and I braved a hot trip outdoors with some friends. We took a day trip to Mims, along the east coast off of I-95. There are a couple of attractions in the area, that are ONLY available in the spring (April/May), so we jumped on the opportunity to try something different! We visited the sunflower maze and we went blueberry picking.

The first spot we hit was Sled’s U Pick Sunflower Maze. While I little pricier than I would have liked ($5 a person), the maze was indeed beautiful and great for photography. It would be a great learning opportunity about bees and pollination as well.

The maze takes about 30 min to an hour, and the location is no frills, so bring your own snacks, water, and sunscreen!

The second spot we check out was EverAfter Farms Blueberry picking (only about 5-10 min away).

This place was so cute! It has a tractor ride and a petting farm, as well as TONS of blueberries you can pick yourself!

The best part is they let you eat all the blueberries you can while picking, AND the blueberries themselves are only $5 a pound! A pound is a ton of blueberries, much more than you get in a tiny container at the store.

We really enjoyed this place and plan to come again next year! Please feel free to click the links to find the farms websites, and below are the addresses for the locations 🙂

Sled’s U Pick Sunflower Maze, Burkholm Road and Dixie Way, Mims, Fl

EverAfter Farms, 4400 Bouganvilla Drive, Mims, Fl 32754


Wild Florida Gator Park!

If you are like me, and like the zoo experience but prefer a quieter, less crowded setting, than Wild Florida is your place. We like to visit during gator week in May, when admission is free!

This park is set up like a zoo or a wildlife refuge. They have tons of local Florida wildlife as well as animals from around the world. (This is the only place I’ve ever seen a zedonk or a zorse.)

Among out favorite activities are feeding a white tailed deer little pieces of corn, getting up close to peacocks and peahens, talking to the friendly Macaw, and visiting the bird aviary- where we held a bird!

They also have a gator shows, one where a person does a variety of tricks with a huge alligator, and one where they feed the gators and crocodiles. There are restrooms, refreshments, and a playground.

And of course air boat rides (but those come at a price of course).The whole park takes about 2 hours to walk through and my children and myself really enjoy ourselves every time.